Modern Cars

Our "modern BMW" service department prides itself on turning out a first class job, and definitely goes the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction.

We hold the view that not only do we have to work to gain your trust but, more importantly, to retain your trust. We consider the last car we worked on was the last advertisement we placed, not only for repeat business, but also for recommendations to family, friends and neighbours.

When you visit our workshops you will soon see how committed to BMWs of all ages we are, so please don't be surprised if your 2 or 3 year old pride and joy is being serviced alongside a '60s classic or even a '30s historic BMW.

Now be honest you didn't expect that did you!

We can't promise that we will still be servicing your car when it's a classic, but we can promise to look after it as if it were one every step of the way.

Call Tom, our Service Manager, on 01622 842012 to book your next service, arrange a safety check, or have any minor repairs dealt with. Who knows it could be the start of a historic friendship, or at least becoming another valued member of our loyal client bank